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Shandon Alien plant program (don't chop them pop them!)

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Shandon staff removing Lantana invasion with a tree popper (photo: Andy Haggart GM Shandon)

Tree popper (Don't chop them pop them!)

Designed in direct response to the need for eradicating invasive woody weeds, the "Tree Popper" is a robust, uncomplicated tool which can be used by one person. A simple concept of leverage has been used to ensure the complete removal of unwanted vegetation providing a permanent solution to a long-standing problem. Manufactured from mild steel, the Tree Popper comprises a lever/handle with a rubber grip and a foot piece firmly held together by a circlip. These two basic parts form a plier-like jaw which is used to grip the plant stem. Pushing down on the handle exerts leverage pressure on the tree and pops it out of the ground. If you are interested in purchasing a tree popper please contact Andy Haggart (GM Shandon).

Lantana is a serious invader of disturbed ecosystems including national parks and reserves. The weed can form a dense under story competing with native flora and limiting natural regeneration. Increases in lantana composition can also increase the fuel load for fires.

Movement of water, contaminated soil and machinery, deliberate planting and poorly disposed garden waste can help lantana spread. Fruit eating birds are the main cause of lantana spread. Birds and some mammals eat the fruit and the seed in their droppings is viable. Studies have shown that germination of lantana seed is more likely if the seed has travelled through the gut of a bird or mammal. Lantana can also spread vegetatively. Lantana has a shallow root system forming a dense root mat that grows mainly within the top 10–30 cm of soil. The plant does not sucker from damaged or broken roots but will regrow vigorously from the base of stems. Horizontal stems are able to take root when they contact moist soil. Lantana will also shoot from the base of vertical stems.

For a brochure on Tree popper click here: "dont chop them pop them!"

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